Saturday, 14 April 2012

The empty tomb

Q: May Magdalene mistakenly thought Jesus was a:

a. Gardener

b. Soldier

c. Security Guard

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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Judas final discourse with Jesus

Judas: When are you going to drive the Romans out of Israel?

Jesus: Take it easy Judas, let’s do it God’s way. We conquer by the power of Love not force.

Judas: But your life is in danger now. You might be assassinated or get arrested anytime. Religious leaders hate you.

Jesus: You are worrying too much Judas. Remember, strong winds and waves have no power over me. I can assure we are safe. Stop worrying.

Judas: But what if they do it. What shall you do actually?

Jesus: Leave it to God Judas. But listen; there will always be one outcome. We will never be defeated.

Judas (thinking): Well if that’s the case, if you get arrested, then Israel’s liberation from this bloody Romans will be much quicker. If Jesus can walk on water and move mountains then these Romans and high priests are merely chickens.

(Unfortunately, when Jesus died, Judas thought it was the end of the story. Poor Judas.)

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Saturday, 25 February 2012

What happened the Dinosaur

What happened to the dinosaurs?

The did not fit in Noah's arch. That's why.
Forget about the dinosaur,

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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Who needs Theology

Theology is faith seeking understanding.

If you are happy with your faith, forget about Theology.

Leave Theology to the charlatans, religion mongers, emotionally unsettled, unhappy people, unsure of their faith and of course to religious teachers, preachers and the like.

Your faith must reflect your external life. If you are happy, contented, have inner peace within then you are in good faith. You know God better than the scholars in Theology.

If you are childlike and if you know how to love truly then you don't need Theology.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

A Beautiful Morning Prayer shared by a very good friend

My dear friends,

This is the morning prayer Fr. John Inglis shared with us yesterday.

"Lord, I thank you for this new day. I know the most important reality of my life is that you love me and that you look at me this moment with such tenderness and love as no one ever could; I am your only child.

You desire to forgive me and to heal me where I want healing so that this day will be a brand-new beginning with “a future full of hope.”

Whatever I have to face today, one thing I know, is that you will be there with me as my best friend, helping, consoling, strengthening, healing and guiding me.

There is absolutely nothing I have to be afraid of. All this I know because your Son has told us so. AMEN"

The author is Fr. John Fuellenbach, SVD, a German priest who conducts retreat on this prayer and teaches theology at the Divine Word Seminary, Tagaytay City, Philippines.

God loves us unconditionally, forgives us always and He is with us all the time, He is a compassionate God says Fr. Fuellenbach.

Let us pray it daily so that we may grow in faith in God, change our lives for the better and make a bit of heaven on this earth for our fellowmen.

Jesus loves you,


Saturday, 21 January 2012

Jesus heals

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

During Jesus time, he cured many illnesses. It seems that believers during his time are luckier than our present time.

Apparently it seems so but in reality, it is not. Jesus healing power can be experienced by anyone who truly believes in it.

During his time he performed miracles , one of which was in form of curing illnesses. It should be noted that those miracles were done by Jesus to increase our faith and not solely to heal one’s ailing body.

If we want to, Jesus can heal us even today. Prayer is of course is the main ingredient but it does not end there. We must pray and at the same time do our part. Jesus is not a magician but God. He would not condone laziness.

If we want to get rid of our health problems, we must pray, consult a doctor and take the prescribed meds by him. Just do your part, and Jesus will do the rest.

Not being lazy is one thing but spending wisely is another thing.

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Heaven's Joke

Where on earth can you find a chapel with paintings of naked body all over it. If it exists how would you feel attending the holy mass in there?

Indeed it would be scandalizing, but such kind really exists.

It's the sistine in the Vatican. It is where the pope and the holy Vatican congregation celebrates mass sometimes.

But anyway, nudity is not bad, it's our evil thoughts that made it bad.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Healing Mind and Body

Healing mind and body is not a rocket science. Anyone can do it.

Our body is surrounded by an energy field. It is comparable to a magnet which is surrounded by a magnetic field.

But unlike magnetic field which is constant all the time, our body’s energy field is changing all the time. The food we eat, our breathing and our emotions affect our energy field. Good oxygen supply, positive emotions and balance diet give us healthy energy field.

When we are sad, depressed, scared or under too much pressure, our energy field becomes depleted. This can make us ill or kill us. Hence to live a healthy life all we need is to maintain a good energy field around our bodies.

Meditation, prayers and positive emotions are helpful in healing both body and soul. A good, strong and healthy energy field can influence other energy field who is not very health.

This is what happens during faith or spiritual healing. Spiritual healing are better alternative than taking high-risk synthetic drugs in which the side effects can even be more harmful than the illness they are meant to cure.

Crestor lawsuit due to complication resulting from taking Crestor drug is one classic example of how a drug which was meant to cure brough more harm instead.

Before opting to modern drugs, make sure that you have tried spiritual or faith healing first. Or simply re-aligning or enchancing your energy field.  It works.