Sunday, 19 August 2007

When you believe in God, but not church

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Believing in God is never complete without belonging to a church. Church in this context should be understood as group of believer whose members care for each other. This could be a catholic church or any other church.

God Himself is a Community of Persons. To believe in God is to share in the life of God and this can only be realized when a believer belongs to a community who shares his belief. In other words, when we begin to understand God, we are moved towards building relationship and in doing so we tend to build a church.

This is similar to the concept that God is Love. Love cannot exist in one person alone. Love always presupposes 2 or more persons a community. Hence to believe in God but not church is just like believing in love but not loving anyone.

It should be noted however that there is a great difference between the Community of Three Divine Persons and the Church community. The former is bound by perfect Love while the latter is by not-perfect' love. Many of those who believe in God but not the church are people who expect to find a Perfect Love in a pilgrim church (hence not yet perfect church) which is hardly possible.


  1. this is utter bull shit. Love is generated from one person. its not a feeling, it an ability. god love came from himself because that is the whole point of love. no incentive, no reward, unconditional, and unwanting. You are a bigot. Church does not accept all followers of Christ as you should surely know and some of them just need to go at alone or with atheists instead of wrapped in their own little bubble not letting anything in. if you are trapped in this closed minded trap of intolerance you really can't actualizee your firm beliefs in god. you have never questioned your faith or doubted your beliefs or taken others perspectives to see the truth. you are a christian, but certainly not a follower. you are what i call a churchy, you do everything in church with your group of friends there except the real reason you are supposed to be there. you can sing, praise, and amen all the shit you want, but your not fooling god if you dont get one on one with him, he wants you yourself, not some strings attached and non conscious reflection of a person

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